Kathy Williamson

Kathy directs the physical operations of the church office, coordinates church activities, makes the Sunday bulletins, and supports and supervises paid and volunteer office staff. Email: office@oakhillumc.org

Where did you grow up and how did you make your way to Austin?
I grew up in Houston and attended UT, but I have spent much of my adult life in St. Louis, Missouri. I moved back to Austin to be closer to family.

What is your former work experience?
The most “relevant” experience I have had is that I was a youth director for my church in St. Louis for approximately 10 years. I have also held corporate positions as a trainer and an operations manager, and I have written policies and procedures for call centers—all within Lucent Technologies for more than 20 years.

When did you start at Oak Hill UMC?
January 1, 2015

What are your primary duties?
I serve as the entry point for inquiries about the church. Whether someone needs a venue, a pastor, some sort of form, or general information about something, I either take that call or know who should. I also compile and print all bulletins, staff meeting agendas, and track attendance for worship. I and a (phenomenal) team of office volunteers help keep our database current, our membership straight, our office supplies ordered, and the mail/deliveries dispersed.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The people. I see different faces each day and get to interact with many different parts of our church family all the time.

How does your position help minister to others?
It provides an entry point for people and the first step of hospitality to all who enter here.

What is one thing that few people know about you?
I once got flowers from John Travolta…but only in my dreams.

Describe Oak Hill UMC in one word.