Rev. Katy Fitzgold

Katy leads the Pathways worship service; works closely with the Community Ministries team, Adult Education team, Children’s Ministry team, and Preschool; and dabbles in most everything else. In her free time, Katy can be found reading, swimming, or on hiking trails around Austin with her husband Travis; their baby girl, Sage; and two dogs, Wink and Xela. Email:

Where did you grow up and how did you make your way to Austin?
I grew up in San Antonio and found my way to Austin when the Bishop said “go to Austin.”

What is your former work experience?
I’ve been in full-time ministry since 2008 when I moved back from working with a medical project in the highlands of Guatemala. Before that was seminary, undergrad, and a bit of global wandering.

When did you start at Oak Hill UMC?
I started at OHUMC in 2014.

What are your primary duties?
Among the many hats of pastoral ministry, I lead the Pathways worship service and Theology Pub, work closely with the Community Ministries Team, the preschool, and children’s ministries.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love the people. It’s both humbling and an incredible honor to be invited into the lives of the people of Oak Hill; to journey beside people in the best of times and of the worst

What is one thing that few people know about you?
Few people know that I went skydiving when I graduated from seminary.

What first interested you in the ministry?
Short answer, God. Even through seminary I never thought I’d end up in church ministry, but God can be very persistent.

Where did you go to seminary? What was your focus?
Princeton Theological Seminary. There’s not a particular focus with an Master of Divinity, but I leaned toward classes in missiology and practical theology.

What is your ministerial experience?
FUMC Harlingen (2008-2011)
FUMC San Benito (2010-2011)
Cedar Creek UMC (2011-2013)
Haynie Chapel UMC (2011-2013)
Faith UMC (2013-2014)
Oak Hill UMC (2014-Present)

Where is your passion in ministry?
I have several passions in ministry: teaching, social justice work, and local community partnerships are definitely up there, but at the end of the day, people are my greatest passion.