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All Saints Day

All Saints Day

All Saints Sunday is on November 1st, a day we pay tribute and give thanks for our loved ones who have gone before us. This is a very sacred day for our church and is full of many symbols that represent the lives of those who have passed and the life of the church.

The two All Saints banners are made up of ribbons on which the names of deceased church members have been lovingly hand embroidered. The pillar candles on the altar represent members who have passed away during the past year, and are lit as their names are read. There is also a candle to represent the names of those called out by the congregation during the service, and this year, there will be a candle to represent all those in our country who have perished from the Corona virus. The tea lights behind the altar represent the life of our church. Each candle represents a year the church has been open—there are 41 this year!

This year we honor these saints: Jack Cartwright, Jewel Pampe, Joe Gathright, Jackie Carruthers, Mary Ethel Moore, June Huckabee, Jody Hanna, Col. Phil D. Snyder, Marilyn Elkin. Please check over this list to make sure no one is overlooked. Contact Alana at or call 512-288-3836 if you have additional names or changes.

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