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Saturday, March 18, 2017

By: Renae Cotton

This scripture reveals something important for each of us. Despite whatever challenges we may face, Matthew’s account is a reminder that women have work to do in God’s kingdom and Jesus expects us to do that work. Throughout the bible women were central and critical figures.

As Matthew states, women were first at the tomb and first to proclaim the resurrection. Women were also the last at the cross. We anointed Christ with oil and we washed His feet. We were church workers and we were helpers to Paul during the missionary journeys. We were benevolent and served the poor.

We spun the cloth and we made the clothes. We attended prayer meetings and we kept the house. We were judges, mothers, wives, daughters, counselors and friends. We walked with Jesus. He loved us and we loved Him.

Then as now, women’s work touches those near, dear, and intimate as well as those with whom we may only share the larger world which God created. For the sake of those, our work also makes us warriors on behalf of others; and just like Joshua, Gideon, Sampson, and David we answer God’s call to serve then as well.

Please join me in prayer-

Father, God, Jehovah, you are the Mighty One, and we lift our hands in praise to you. We come before you this morning, asking your blessing on the world you created and on each family represented here. We seek your blessing for our activities today, and ask you to open our hearts and our minds that we may learn more about your plan for our lives. We are gathered together today, for one purpose, and one purpose only, and that is to praise your most Holy name.

You know the struggles we face on a daily basis and you know our hearts Dear God. You also know how much we need to be an encouragement to one another. Help us to embrace each other today, and to learn to truly live together, as the women did who followed Christ when He walked this earth.

Help us to understand that no matter what differences there may be between us from our ethnicity, to our education, to our experiences, to our economics, the thing that matters most is a uniting thread. That uniting thread is the fact that we are all created in your image, and, Praise your name, we serve a risen savior.

Continue to bless us Father, God, and help us to walk in your spirit and boldly proclaim to the world and to one another that “WE ARE GOD’S WOMEN” (and supporters of God’s women).

In the most precious and beloved name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.


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