At Oak Hill United Methodist Church, we affirm that all persons are beloved children of God.

As followers of Christ, whose love is boundless, we seek to invite and welcome people of every age, gender identity, physical ability, ethnic background, racial identity, sexual orientation, marital status, socioeconomic standing, education level, national origin, family configuration, and mental ability into full participation in the life of this faith community. We are committed to the reconciliation of all persons as children of God.


Oak Hill United Methodist Church, where everyone is a minister, welcomes and encourages all to experience and embody God’s unconditional love revealed in Jesus Christ, serving so that the world becomes what God desires.


  • Life and all creation is a gift from God.
  • We are never alone because God seeks a loving relationship with us.
  • Jesus Christ is the embodiment of God’s unconditional love.
  • Loving God and others as Christ loves reveals the meaning to life.
  • Without exception, the Church is open and available to all.
  • As Christ’s disciples we are ministers called to serve the world, especially the least and the lost.


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