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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Holy Saturday

Today is a day of somber reflection. Despite the hunting of Easter eggs and the preparation of the Easter Lilies all happening at the church, we are reminded that while we look for what is to come, we’re not there yet. Jesus’ body was buried last night, before sunset and the beginning of the Jewish Sabbath, but it does not feel like a restful day for the disciples. A day of waiting and grief mixed with fear and uncertainty. Had it all been a lie? Had Jesus just been a gifted magician after all? After three years together, their friend, rabbi, and dare they say ‘Lord’ was dead. Their nets and families had been cast aside long ago so they might follow, and now like sheep without a shepherd, they sit in shock and disbelief at the events of yesterday. Even if only for a moment, let us pause in the gap that is today. Allow the tension to linger, the uncertainty to be revealed. It is only by fully embracing the shadow which once lingered over this day, that we too can be surprised by the wonder of joy, the unexpected grace of tomorrow.

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