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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My Encounter With an Angel

By: Ernest Rebuck

I’m telling this story for the first time. It is so bizarre that I would like to dismiss it as a dream, but it is as factual as my memory permits for something that happened twenty years ago.

I was in a small town in East Texas on business and had checked into a La Quinta. I went out for dinner. After dinner while walking through the parking lot of a gas station, a clean-cut, young man asked for a couple of dollars to purchase gas. My body language said no, and he said that’s okay, and he disappeared.

I am aware of Jesus’ words in Luke 16:13, “You cannot serve both God and money.” Despite those words I always have hesitated to give money to persons who ask. I don’t hoard money, but I lack trust, as to how the money will be used. Also I lack faith, and try to control my money, rather than trusting God to provide for me in my times of need.

I returned to the hotel and walked to the second floor. Looking down the hall I saw something outside the door to my room. It was two neatly placed one-dollar bills. I felt guilt, took the dollar bills, and ran back to the gas station. I searched but could not locate the person who had asked for gas money.

The next day I stopped at another gas station in another town. While filling my vehicle a young-man asked for a couple of dollars for gas, and I readily gave him two one-dollar bills.

The experience is too bizarre to explain by coincidence. It was my strongest encounter with angels of God, and it taught me to be more generous when asked for money, especially at gas stations.

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