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Easter Sunday: Churchquake

Happy Easter!

In today’s sermon Pastor Jim examines Matthew’s account of the resurrection. Matthew is the only Gospel writer that mentions the earthquake. He describes it as violent.

It was dark, just barely dawn, when women went to the tomb. Matthew calls them “Mary Magdalene and the other Mary.”

The earthquake was caused by a descending angel who spun the huge, round stone out of the way to open the tomb. His appearance was “like lightning and his clothes were white as snow.” The two guards standing in front of the tomb “were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men.”

There was a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

I love Easter. It’s wonderful. I’m going to miss the sunrise service that the Methodist Men always do. I’ll miss the Saturday Easter egg hunt at church and the one Jan always puts on for the grandchildren. I’ll miss doing “spin art” in the Children’s Building. I’m sad that I won’t see the flowered cross and all the sweet  families at church. Frankly, I’m sad that my last Easter with you will have to be via livestream.

I remind myself that Easter will happen anyway. He is risen, no matter what. He’s risen forever. He’s alive! We rise with him even during these shaky times, maybe especially so.

Here’s a link to the interpreted service.