Messy Church

Event details

  • October 23, 2021
  • 5:00 pm

Life is messy so why can’t church be too?! Join us on Saturday, August 28th from
5-7pm to experience a new way of worshiping our God as we launch

Messy Church is “Church, but not as you know it.” When we think of a regular worship service, we think bulletins, songs with an organ or a praise band, scripture readings, sermons, etc. It is primarily didactic in nature where there is a main presenter and the congregation quietly receives. It has proven to be a meaningful experience for many people of faith for hundreds of years.

Additionally, we now know that not everyone has the same learning style. Some of us are visual learners; others need to process through logic and reasoning; some of us need solitude while others need social interaction; some need to verbalize and others need to use their bodies to move and touch. Each of these help us to come to a deeper understanding of the subject at hand. And when it comes to matters of our faith, learning who our God is and who God calls us to be, our learning styles are still in play.

Messy Church offers us a way to worship and experience God in a variety of ways each time we gather through interactive stations and conversations. Each Messy Church get-together will be centered on a single Bible story or theme, and our two hours together will include a Welcome (10 min), Activities (60 min), Celebration (15-20 min), and a Meal (30 min.).

The Messy Church experience is organized around 5 values: All-Ages, Creativity, Hospitality, Celebration, and Centering ourselves in Christ.

So, who can participate? Anyone & Everyone! Intergenerational participation is key as each person, regardless of age, has something to offer and something to receive. What does it cost?Nothing! We’ll have a spot to drop off donations if you feel led to contribute to this ministry, but there is no participation fee.

When is it? We’ll gather on the 4th Saturday of each month from 5-7pm. If you can’t make our first one, come another time! Save these dates on your fall schedule: August 28, September 25, and October 23.