There are many ways to give to our church. We encourage you to review these options to find the manner of giving which bests suits you and/or your family.

Online Giving

Online giving through the OHUMC web site. An easy way to give to OHUMC is through our secure website. On this website you can make a donation to one of seven donation categories.

You can make your donation either from your bank account or from your credit/debit card.

Automatic Draft

Setting up an automatic draft of your bank account or credit card account. Simply go to our secure giving page and check the box labeled “Recurring Gift.” You will then be guided through setting up authorization for a recurring gift which is to be drawn on your bank account or credit card on a periodic basis (usually monthly) and deposited in the appropriate OHUMC bank account.

Text to Give

Text to Give is a powerful and convenient way for you to give. If you can send a text message, you can use Text-to-Give! Simply text "Give" to 512-955-5441. You'll be asked to register your bank or credit card information if it's your first time. After that, you can simply text to give. Or, text EDIT to update your information or set up a recurring gift.

For detailed instructions, please click here.

Online Bill Pay

Setting up bill pay through your personal bank account. Sending one-time or recurring payments through your bank's online bill-payment system is a convenient way to donate without fees.

Most Bill Pay applications will ask you to provide an account reference that will appear on the check; e.g. ‘Jones General Fund’.

Donation By Mail

Mailing Your Check. This is a low-tech method for giving. If you have a check book, write a check to OHUMC for the amount you want to give. Write the purpose of the donation in the ‘Memo’ field; something like ‘Contribution’ or ‘Endowment Fund’, or ‘Communion Rail’. Put the check in a stamped envelope and address it to:

Oak Hill United Methodist Church
Attn: Angie Bragg
7815 Hwy 290 W
Austin Tx 78736  

Offering Plate

Putting your donation check in the offering plate. Of all the low tech giving methods, this one is the low-techiest. Pretty self-explanatory but, just like in the mail method, you should write the purpose of the donation in the ‘Memo’ field.

Office Drop-Off

Dropping your donation check off at the church office. Simply go to the church office during business hours; tell the staff you have a donation/contribution check for the church (to protect your privacy, deliver your check in a sealed envelope with attn: Angie Bragg written on it); notify Angie ( that you have dropped a check off.


Once you turn 72, you must start taking annual Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from your Traditional IRA. If you make periodic or annual lump sum charitable contributions, there is a tax strategy related to your RMD that is worthy of consideration. Instead of taking your RMD and paying applicable taxes, consider directing your IRA custodian to transfer some or all of the RMD to a qualified charity such as Oak Hill UMC. Contact Angie ( for details.

Stock Donation

Donating stock to the church. A great way to make a donation to the church is by transferring common stock held in your name. To execute such a transfer of stock from your portfolio, contact the OHUMC Director of Finance & Operations, Angie Bragg ( and inform her of you intention to make such a donation. She will walk you through the steps for the transfer.


Our mission asks us to heed God’s call to help people experience and grow in their love of God, others, and themselves. We invite you to consider how you will help Oak Hill thrive in this new day by reflecting on this question: How generous does God call me to be to support God’s work through Oak Hill? Pray about that question and listen for what the Holy Spirit puts on your heart. Prayerfully consider how generous God calls you to be this year in your financial support of Christ’s work through Oak Hill and then complete an Estimate of Giving. When you share your Estimate of Giving, it helps our leaders plan for the year ahead.

Thank you for your generous support of God’s work in and through Oak Hill United Methodist Church. Together we will continue to touch people’s lives for Christ.


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