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“Nada De Turbe”

Have you ever been worked up about something? I mean, REALLY worked up. Not necessarily angry, but upset or worried or afraid or troubled by whatever is happening around you. Or within you.  

Have you ever been worked up about something … and has your best friend, your spouse, your mom or dad looked up to ask you what the big deal is? I’ve had that happen to me. And I promise you – I wasn’t very impressed with their lack of understanding or empathy!

“Teacher, don’t you care that we’re perishing?” That’s what Jesus’ disciples said as they woke him from sleep. He seemed oblivious to the danger around them as he slept through all that lightning and thunder and boat-rocking. 

But, Jesus took care of the problem in quick order. Stilled the turmoil in only three words, just like that! And then, Jesus turned around, looked at those disciples, and challenged them. He questioned their faith.
No great empathy or understanding. Just a challenge to do some soul-searching.

There’s plenty in this world to make us wonder if the whole boat is sinking in the storm. 

There’s plenty to make us wonder if we’ll ever get over the coronavirus and return to normal, whatever that is. Plenty to make us wonder if we’ll ever get past our country’s 400-year history – and the continuing struggle – with racial justice and equality. Plenty to make us wonder what the upcoming elections will bring, regardless of what party’s bumper sticker happens to be on your vehicle. 

Why, it’s enough to make a person want to stick their head in the sand or hang a “Do not Disturb” sign on the door!

I figure those disciples were beyond relieved when that water suddenly became as smooth as glass. Do you suppose they actually   Maybe they simply leaned on the edge of the boat and took a nap. 

God’s Peace … Pastor Laura