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Searching for God: “Dry Bones”

Today, we will think together about Ezekiel’s trip to the boneyard. It’s a rather creepy text. Can you imagine being “set down in the middle of a valley,” covered with broken-up skeletons? Yikes!

It represented a hopeless situation. It represented where God’s people were. Like their hopes and dreams those bones were jumbled and broken. They were all that was left of the “House of Israel,” aka “God’s chosen people.”

We dare to call ourselves the Children of God. We believe that God is for us and ultimately in control. Sadly, we are not exempt from the thorns and thistles of life. We step on them just like everybody else. We must distance ourselves just like everyone else. We must be cautious and aware.

And yet—two of my favorite words—and yet, we know that we are not alone. We know that we have a God who redeems and restores. Our God is the God of the lost cause; the God of dry bones scattered across the desert floor; the God of Egyptian captivity; the God of the exile, and the lion’s den, and the fiery furnace. Our God is the God of the cross and the tomb.

To borrow from a song, they “laid [his] bones on the alabaster stones.” All was lost.

We are in a jumbled time: a time of fear, shrouded by death. It’s downright creepy. Wait…I think…yes, I’m sure…I hear some bones rattling…