“A Chariot of Fire”

On February 11, Transfiguration Sunday, Pastor Katy preaches on 2 Kings 2:1-12.

There are mysteries in life that, even with scientific explanation, captivate our attention. Then there are the mysteries of God that we try to explain, try to understand and tame into something we can then easily dismiss, but are beyond taming. The story of Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountaintop, where his clothes became dazzling white right before them, and Moses and Elijah appeared speaking with Jesus, is one of those stories. It’s a story where the three disciples present were shocked and terrified, and heard the voice of God. The story of Elijah’s ascension in 2 Kings is another of these stories. With a chariot of fire and his disappearance into a tunnel of wind, Elisha was also left shocked and terrified. There are some mysteries that cannot, and perhaps should not be explained. When God grants us a glimpse into God’s mystery, perhaps we might find that by witnessing the glory of God, we too are transformed.