“A Serving Church”


Where do we go from here?

One of my responsibilities as the lead, appointed pastor at Oak Hill is to keep that question before us. At this point in our life, where do we go from here?

In about three weeks we will begin a formal visioning process. It will be led by my friend and mentor Ann Jenkins. This visioning process is open to everyone connected with Oak Hill, whether you have officially joined or not.

As we prepare to launch that process, I’m taking three weeks to share what is on my heart about where we go from here. So far, I’ve shared my belief that God calls Oak Hill to live with its arms and hearts open to everyone God sends our way. Last week I shared my belief in the importance of teaching and using the tools God has given us (Means of Grace) to grow in our relationship with God.

This week I will reflect upon living as a church in service. In my time at Oak Hill, I’ve recognized the importance of our service ministries: feeding people who are hungry; sheltering people on freezing nights; helping families clean up after hurricanes and floods. That’s what comes to mind when many of us think about mission/service.

Yet we have other ministries of service: caring for families at the time of death; teaching parenting skills to single parents; providing safe places for caregivers and those who grieve to share and find support.

These ministries are not just nice things that we do because we are nice people. They are central to living at the type of church Jesus calls us to be.

As you prepare for worship this week, read our scripture passage (Matthew 9:35 – 10:10) and reflect on these questions:
What is Jesus doing at the beginning of this story (Matthew 9:35-36)?
What does Jesus ask his disciples to pray for (Matthew 9:37-38)?
What does Jesus send his first disciples to do?
Based upon what Jesus sends his first disciples to do, what do you sense he calls us to do at Oak Hill?

Pastor Stephen