“Adam Envy”

On November 19, Pastor Katy preaches on 1 Timothy 2:8-15.

The New Testament letters (as well as other books) hold some mysterious challenges within their pages. Statements about how to treat one’s slaves appear to condone slavery. Words about women not wearing braids or gold, not speaking or teaching, and having no authority over men seem to imply that our United Methodist traditions are harshly out of line with Scripture. Do we just claim cultural irrelevance and move about our ways, or how do we discern what to hold as God’s truth and what to hold as cultural or circumstantial statements? Each and every one of us decides what to hold as God’s word in our lives whether we realize it or not. We choose to eat shrimp or pork, men choose to shave or get a haircut, and many of us wear jewelry in the form of a wedding band. The passage from 1 Timothy 2 about women in the church is only one example of a choice that we make because it affects many of us. Perhaps the greater challenge is how to discern when it is someone else whose choices are being questioned.