“Bah! Humbug!”

On December 3, Pastor Katy preaches on Hebrews 12:1-2.

Perhaps the greatest message from our “Redemption of Scrooge” Advent series is the idea that if Christ is able to redeem Ebenezer Scrooge’s joyless life, then Christ can surely redeem you and me. This first Sunday of Advent, we look around and remember that Advent is a season of waiting. For most of us, the only “waiting” we do at this time of year is waiting in lines at various stores, so the thought of just sitting down and waiting seems like some kind of unattainable luxury. We find ourselves so bogged down with lists of things to make and cook and buy and do, that many of us start to resemble a kind of modern-day Scrooge. We become impatient and stressed out with shortened tempers that keep us from the joy this season can bring. Perhaps for us this year, we don’t need to be reminded so much of what we’re waiting for, but maybe it’s more about learning to slow down enough to allow ourselves permission to actually wait.