“Cracked Cisterns”

On July 30, Pastor Katy preaches on Jeremiah 2:4-7, 11-13.

Have you ever thought about what all we actually worship? If we were to chart out our budgets and how we spend our time, would we be surprised? What do we worry about and what thoughts consume our minds? We don’t typically think about things like our jobs and devices as idols, but when we stop and honestly look at how we spend our time, money, and mental energy, we might come to different conclusions. In the second week of our summer series, “Finding Faith in Hard Times: Lessons from Jeremiah,” we learn about a time when Jeremiah challenged God’s people about what they were worshipping. Rather than putting their faith in fresh living water, Jeremiah warns them that their faith is leaning on the muddy waters of a stale cistern, and a cracked one at that. Are we also putting our faith and hope in things that simply cannot hold water?