“Daniel and the Lions”

On August 4, Pastor Katy preaches on the story of Daniel and the Lions found in Daniel 6.

The story of Daniel is the story of a man whose life has not turned out like he anticipated. As a teenager he’d been swept into exile when the Babylonians conquered his homeland. He acclimated to life in Babylon under Babylonian rule just in time for the Babylonians to be conquered by the Persians and Medes. By this point, Daniel is gaining in years, but also in wisdom as he remains faithful to his God. His ethic becomes known and he is promoted again and again, but ultimately this story is not about Daniel. We learn a lot from Daniel and from King Darius about our own motivation for things and the consequences incurred, and we learn that doing the right thing will sometimes be the reason we land in the lions’ den, but this story is really about a God who redeems.