“David and Goliath”

On July 28, Pastor Jim preaches on the story of David and Goliath found in 1 Samuel 17.

The image of the boy dropping a giant to his knees is an appealing one. We love the underdog, the little guy, at least in theory.

The story is rather brutal. After Goliath fell like a sack of potatoes, David ran over and cut the giant’s head off! He even used Goliath’s sword.

One of my favorite authors, Frederick Beuchner, describes this story in his wonderful little book, “Peculiar Treasures.” Read on. You’ll enjoy. See you Sunday.

Goliath stood 10 feet tall in his stocking feet, wore a size 20 collar, a 9-1/2 inch hat, and a 52-inch belt. When he put his full armor on, he looked like a Sherman tank. Even stripped to the bare essentials, he had plenty to carry around, and flesh and bones were the least of it. There was the burdensome business of having to defend his title against all comers. There were the mangled remains of the runners-up. When he tried to think something out, it was like struggling through a hip-deep bog. When he tried to explain something, it was like pushing a truck uphill. His dark moods were leaden and his light moods elephantine. He considered under-arm deodorants a sign of effeminacy.

The stone from David’s slingshot caught him between the eyes, and when he hit the dirt, windows rattled in their frames as far away as Ashkelon. The ringing in his ears drowned out the catcalls of the onlooking armies, and his vision was all but shot, but he could still see enough to make out the naked figure of a boy running toward him through the scrub. His hair streamed out behind him like copper, and he was as swift and light-footed as a deer.

As he straddled Goliath with Goliath’s sword in his hand, the giant believed that what he was seeing was his own soul stripped of the unwieldy flesh at last for its journey to paradise, and when David presented the severed head to Saul later, there was an unmistakable smile on its great lips.