“Fire on the Mountain”

On February 26, Pastor Jim preaches on Exodus 24:15-17.

In the book, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” the children cross over into Narnia and eventually meet a married couple of beavers. The beavers tell them about the great lion, Aslan, who rules Narnia. The children are excited about the lion and ask, “Is he a tame lion?” With grave seriousness the beavers tell the children, “No, Aslan is not a tame lion.”

The God who descended upon Mount Sinai was not a tame lion. If you read the Bible, you’ll notice that whenever people meet God or an angel representing God, they are frightened. This is the wonderful mystery of the Gospel. This awesome God chooses to draw near to us. Like a loving mother reaching down into a crib to lift up and cradle her child, God reaches down to us with love and grace. However, God is not a tame lion.