“Groaning and Waiting”

On May 20, Pastor Jim preaches on Romans 8:22-27.

As a child I was never sure what to make of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps it was because back in the day preachers used the term “Holy Ghost.” The only ghosts I knew much about were “Casper, the friendly ghost,” and his scary friend “Spooky.” I wondered, is this Holy Ghost friendly or spooky or both? The charismatic movement was raging during my teen years, with its emotion and “tongues.” It certainly didn’t jibe with my subdued Methodist upbringing. I didn’t know what to think.

As a fledgling pastor I was invited to a prayer meeting in Plainview, TX.  I’ll never forget the sight of those Methodist preachers falling on the floor, face down on the carpet, weeping and praying and speaking in tongues. I was quietly praying in the corner for it all to be over.

This Sunday I’d like us to think together about the everyday, constant presence of the Spirit of God in our lives. The one who comes alongside us, helping us in our weakness, and even praying for us and through us.