“Grounded in Love” Pastor Stephen 05-16-21 Part VI of the Sermon Series “Easter People in a Good Friday World”


On Sunday we will recognize and bless seniors graduating from High School, vocations school, and college. On top of the normal experiences of education, they have endured the joys of school during a pandemic. Some will continue their education. Some will get jobs. Some don’t know what comes next. Transitions in life can be exciting and little bit scary.

In our scripture for this week (John 15:1-9), the disciples are about to experience their own life-transition. Unbeknownst to them, Jesus is about to die. While Jesus knows that his death does not spell his end, he also knows he will never be with his disciples in quite the same way again. So, as they sit at the dinner table at Jesus’ Last Supper, Jesus offers guidance about how they (and we) should live when he is no longer with us in the same way as when he walked the world.

In typical Jesus-fashion, he uses a metaphor: “I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit” (John 15: 5).

That metaphor contains a promise. To abide” meals “to live, dwell, remain, stay connected.” As we abide (stay connected) in Christ, Christ will abide (dwell) in us. As we live, dwell in the Love of God, Christ will nourish our souls so that our lives produce good fruit – love, joy, hope, peace.

I believe that promise is relevant for the first disciples, those graduating, and the rest of us.

How do we abide/live/dwell in Christ the vine? I’ll share a few ideas this week.

As you prepare for worship this week:

  • Read all of Jesus’ final guidance to his disciples from the Last Supper (John 13-17)
  • Pray for each of those who are graduating this year
  • As you are ready, make a reservation and come for in-person worship.


Pastor Stephen