“Living Fully: Prayer” Pastor Laura Adam – 02-28-21

This Sunday’s scripture begins with Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer, which seems like an abridged version of what we are used to reciting. (The longer version appears in Matthew 6.9-11 as part of the “Sermon on the Mount.”) 

This is one of those teaching moments, where Jesus not only teaches his disciples a prayer they can use wherever they go – but also expounds on how God receives our prayers. It’s a comforting image of God. No judgment of whether we say the right words or pray the right way. No delays or rain checks from God. Just seek and you will find. Just knock on the door – it’s open. Just ask – God’s always ready to listen.

It is difficult to imagine a deep relationship with God without prayer. Prayer is a necessary tool in those “spiritual tool kits” of ours. This will be our focus on Sunday. I pray that you will find what you are seeking. Come, let us seek together!