“Living Intentionally” Pastor Stephen 05-02-21 Part IV of the Sermon Series “Easter People in a Good Friday World”

This Sunday, nine teenagers will “confirm” their faith. The word “confirm” means “with firmness.” Each of these young people have been baptized and participated in confirmation class in 2020. Due first to COVID-19 and then to the February 2021 snowstorm, we delayed the confirmation worship service for almost a year. Despite the delays, these youth are ready to confirm their faith – claiming it “with firmness.”

This is a big event in their spiritual journeys. In a public way, they are claiming the Christian faith is not just a family matter; they are claiming the Christian faith as their own.

We designed the worship experience to be meaningful and safe for our teenagers and their families. We hope it is an important day in their lives.

Then what? After they have confirmed their faith, and celebrated with this church and their families, how are they supposed to live?

The Apostle Paul addresses that question in his letter to the church in Colossae.

As you have your personal devotion time this week, take time to:

  • Pray by name for each of the 9 teenagers who will confirm their faith on Sunday.
  • Read Colossians 3:1-17. Listen for Paul’s instructions to the Church in Colossae. I believe it is just as relevant to the Colossians as it is to the young men and women confirming their faith this week as it is to each and every one of us today.





Pastor Stephen