“Noah’s Ark”

On July 21, Pastor Katy preaches on the story of Noah’s Ark found in Genesis Chapters 6-9.

There are stories we learn as children, and we learn to love those stories. We see the simplicity of story and of message, and those stories stick with us into our adult years. They are fun and can sometimes flood us with memories of Vacation Bible School from our childhood, but as with many things from childhood, we often remember them as simpler than they really are. This week we’re going to re-visit the story of Noah’s Ark; who doesn’t love those adorable pictures of oversized animal heads sticking out from a tiny boat? Maybe there’s a bird and even a rainbow depicted in your favorite Children’s Bible along with a happy, smiling family. We’ll enjoy reliving some of those first impressions of the story, but we’ll also re-visit the story with the eyes of adults. You just might be surprised what’s really in there.