“Of Lambs, Rams, and Sons”

On July 2, Pastor Katy preaches on Genesis 22:1-12.

It’s the story of a father who has already given up one son, and is now told by God that he must take his only remaining son up into the mountains and kill him with his own hands. Over the centuries it’s been interpreted and re-interpreted, glorified as ultimate faith and cast aside as child abuse. The beauty of the story highlights God’s perfect provision for those who are faithful, and the terror of the story asks why God would demand such a sacrifice in the first place. Christians parallel the sacrifice of Abraham’s son Isaac to God’s own son, Jesus, but that doesn’t make it any easier, and we’re not the first ones to wrestle with this story. For many centuries Jewish rabbis and scholars have also struggled with this story, and while they come to no consensus, one particular perspective grants the freedom to ask a certain question: Was it really God that spoke to Abraham, or was it Satan? Many of us have had to face some really hard decisions, and many of us have felt torn about which voice we’re hearing is truly God’s. Could it be that the true test of Abraham had more to do with his discernment than his blind Obedience? We will never know, but the questions are worth entering.