“Prophecy, Visions, and Dreams

On June 4, Pastor Jim preaches on Acts 2:5-18.

The crowds outside the windows heard voices in their own varied languages praising God. The reaction was that of amazement and bewilderment. The more cynical accused the followers of Jesus of being drunk on cheap wine.

Peter cleared that up, or tried to, as soon as possible. He explained, for heaven sakes it was only 9 a.m. in the morning! This infilling of the Spirit was spoken long ago by the prophet Joel. The expansive nature of this outpouring and infilling is significant. All have a role to play. Male, female, young, old, and oppressed.  All shall prophesy. Visions will be seen and dreams dreamed.

Is this just old-time Bible talk, or could it be that the Spirit wants to do something expansive and surprising and new in your life today? Who knows what the Spirit of God has in mind for Oak Hill?