“Radical Hospitality”

On September 17, Pastor Jim preaches on John 4:16(b)-21.

I heard a story about a Baptist pastor who was praying in church. He meant to say, “Lord, forgive us for where we have fallen short.” Instead he prayed, “Lord, forgive our falling shorts.”

It’s been said that everyone has three lives: a public life, a private live, and a secret life. How does it grab you to realize that, in your case, God is familiar with all three.

If God knows all and has a backstage view of your life, if God knows about that “thing” in your life, how can God possibly love you?

I’ve known church-going, committee-serving, casserole-bringing, offering plate-filling Methodists who live in fear of God; specifically in fear of not measuring up. Does the Good Lord grade on a curve? Some surely hope so.

This week let’s think together of the hospitality that God has extended to all of us: that amazing thing called “grace.” We toss the word around, but what does it really mean? Could it be that God’s grace is even more amazing than we’ve imagined?

And if God has been so loving and hospitable to us, what then should we do?