“Sent to Serve”

This Sunday, worship will be different, and I hope you don’t notice it at all. For this first time since this whole mess began, Oak Hill will not pre-record worship and broadcast it on Sunday. Instead, we will broadcast live. This change will make life much easier on our all-volunteer tech team  It also raises the possibility of technical glitches. Our tech team believes they we are ready to make this switch. I fully trust them. I also ask for your prayers for the tech team.They have been working really hard over the last 3+ months.

Here are few things for worship on Sunday:

  • We have been having Vacation Bible School (VBS) all week at Oak Hill. Like everything else, VBS has been held online. While we can’t have our kids gather to sing together in worship, we will have picture of kids participating in VBS. Watch for pictures of yourselves and kids you know!
  • The sermon is based on Matthew 9:35-10:10. It’s the story of Jesus sending out his first 12 disciples. Please read the scripture in advance and listen for how it calls us to live today.
  • I encourage you to “pass notes” to one another during worship.  If you are watching on Facebook, you can send messages and make comments during worship. I invite you to greet your friends, comment when something resonates with you, and share your joys and concerns. During this weird season, we can still visit with one another online. I hope it makes our time together more meaningful.