“Taming the Lion”

On May 28, Pastor Jim preaches on 1 Peter 5:6-11.

Our Scripture on Sunday comes from a letter sent to persecuted Christians. I’ve struggled with the passage because persecution is not something most of us live with today, at least not because of our faith. It does contain some wonderful promises and words of comfort. For example: “Cast all your anxiety on [God] for he cares for you.”

However, the passage that jumps out at me is the devil part. “Discipline yourselves, keep alert. Like a roaring lion your adversary the devil prowls around, looking for someone to devour.”

Wow! What does this mean? How does it apply to us? Dr. Jeannine K Brown of Luther Seminary poses this question in relation to the verse: “What forces are pressing us to practice less than full devotion to Christ?”

Good question…