“The Art of Neighboring: Barriers to Neighboring”

On April 15, Pastor Katy preaches on Luke 10:38-42.

Most of us consider ourselves to be good people who strive to follow Jesus. We go to church and give money to charity; we even show up for the occasional GO Day and serve in the community. These are all good things. Sometimes the choices we make with our limited time and energy are not choosing between good and bad, but choosing between good and better. Jesus’ great commandment in Luke 10 calls us to love God and love neighbor, and in this series we’re called to love our actual neighbors (not just the metaphorical ones). What would it look like if we began to shift our priorities and simplify our commitments so we did have time and energy to spend with our actual neighbors? It seems a bit drastic when we actually start to look at the real changes we’d have to make, but if Jesus found it important enough to make his “Top 2” list, then perhaps we need to start taking loving our neighbors seriously as well.