“The Art of Neighboring: The Art of Setting Boundaries ”

On May 6, Pastor Katy preaches on Romans 12:14-21.

We’ve been talking for weeks now about Jesus’ Great Commandment to love God and love our neighbors, and this week we conclude our series on “The Art of Neighboring.” We’ve talked about how desperately we need to be in relationship with our neighbors, as well as some of the stumbling blocks that come with that desire. This week, we get real about the fact that sometimes neighboring is messy… really messy. There are those neighbors that we simply don’t like: the ones with the dogs that bark constantly, and the ones that take advantage of our friendship. Sometimes our neighbors might even be our enemies, so what does it look like to love them in those situations, and how do we know where to draw the boundaries with any given relationship? None of these are easy questions, but they are questions that must be asked if we are truly to embrace the messy art of neighboring that Jesus calls us to.