“The Faith of the Homeless”

June 14 is United Methodist Men Sunday at OHUMC, so all the participants in this service you will be men.

We will be blessed with a wonderful message by two men that have a close relationship with our community: Chris Baker and Drew McAngus. Chris is the chief executive of The Other Ones Foundation, an organization currently based on our campus, that seeks to help homeless people lift themselves out of their homeless condition by providing shelter; opportunity and support. Drew McAngus is a senior deputy of the Travis County Constable, who in addition to his law enforcement duties works to provide personal care, distribute meals and bring hope to the Austin homeless community.

Their message is entitled ‘Faith of the Homeless’… an aspect of the homeless condition that most of us, including me, don’t think about very much; yet it is important for us to remember, to be aware in dealing with our homeless brothers and sisters that a homeless individual can be a believer, can have hope, can have faith…just like all of us that will be worshiping together this Sunday.

It’s going to be a wonderful message and worth our time and attention.

–Bradley McMahon