“The Jesus Baton”

On May 28, Pastor Katy preaches on Luke 24:44-53.

This Sunday is Ascension Sunday when the risen Jesus ascends into the clouds following his resurrection days on earth. When thinking about this scene, William Barclay once said, “No one has ever succeeded in painting a picture of the Ascension which was anything other than grotesque and ridiculous.” It’s a hard scene to imagine, but this Sunday let us relax our necks for a moment and think about the significance of the event. In Luke’s Gospel it appears to be the end of the “Jesus story,” and yet it’s with the same story that Luke begins the “Book of Acts.” With every end we find a new beginning and the ascension is no different. As Jesus’ body physically ascends, he passes the baton to the neck-strained disciples to continue God’s message of mercy and forgiveness.