“The Road: The Bystander”

On March 11, Pastor Katy preaches on Mark 15:19-21.

It’s easy to be a bystander, one who simply stands back and observes the experiences of others. Many of us stand by as neighbors and friends journey through life’s ups and downs. The birth of a friend’s first grandchild, the death of someone’s parent, a neighbor loses her job and another retires. Life happens all around us, but we seldom engage with the joys and sorrows unless we are also affected. Simon from Cyrene set out to be a bystander on a Friday many years ago. He followed with the crowd and pushed through to get a better view, but before he knew it, he was drawn out of the crowd and forced to carry another’s burden in a very tangible way. Like Simon, there are moments when we are called to enter the story of another’s journey; moments when we carry another’s burden or another’s joy. These holy moments transform us from bystander to advocate, creating a bond that is not easily broken.