“The Road: The Great Exchange”

On March 4, Pastor Katy preaches on Mark 15:6-15.

A zealot, a rebel, a bandit, a murderer. Barabbas was a man who had caused great trouble for the leaders of his time. He had not followed the rules and believed, as a zealot, that God’s kingdom could not come on earth while they were under the Roman thumb. He was a man of passion, prepared to die for his passion, but the crowd chose him over an innocent man. For the crowd, choosing to spare a man who fought for the possibility of immediate glory might have seemed like their greatest hope, but they sacrificed a man who already claimed eternal glory. In the end, Barabbas was the only person that Jesus’ death physically pardoned. We stand today as Barabbas, pardoned and free, but we also stand as the crowd. Which man will we choose, Jesus or Barabbas?