“The Road: The Misbehaving Woman”

On February 18, Pastor Jim preaches on Mark 14:1-11.

What a scene. Jesus is minding his own business enjoying dinner as a guest in someone else’s home, and a woman enters the room and pours perfume over his head. Naturally people were offended, especially those opposed to waste and in favor of missions to the poor. We are told that the perfume was called “nard,” also known as “spikenard,” “nardin,” and “muskroot,” a class of aromatic, amber-colored, essential oil derived from a flower in the Himalayas. (Pardon my Googling.)

Everyone scolds her, except for Jesus. He praises her and announces that from then on whenever the good news is proclaimed throughout the world, what she just did would be told in memory of her. He was right. This Sunday we are going to think together about this misbehaving woman; the extravagance of gift, which would fetch $20,000 today; and the reckless demonstration of her love as she anoints his body for burial before it’s ever even pinned to the cross, let alone laid in a tomb.