“The Road: The Power of Dreams”

On April 1, Pastor Katy preaches on Mark 16:1-11.

Dreams have a way of taking root within us. Perhaps they grow slowly for a while, but at some point we make a choice to either chase the dream or let it die. For Mary Magdalene, dreaming of a life free from the torment of her demons was a distant fantasy until she met Jesus. He freed her from her prison and a new dream was born, a dream of discipleship with Jesus. She traveled alongside and became an integral part of Jesus’ inner circle. She was living the dream, until it was taken and Jesus hung on a cross, but that was not the end. The disciples went into hiding and mourning, but yet again, a new dream was born. A dream that was even better than the original, but took great faith to embrace; a dream where Jesus was not dead, but alive. He is risen indeed!