“The Shepherd”

On March 26, Pastor Jim preaches on Psalm 23.

Picture a person waking up in a seedy motel, stoned and hung over. Sharing the room with a stranger he or she met the night before, broken-hearted and miserable, waking up filled with regret and sorrow and shame, like the prodigal who woke up one morning with his head in the hog trough. And so the person reaches into the drawer of the bedside table and finds the Gideon Bible. Where is he or she going to open that Bible first? Ah, chances are good that person will locate the 23rd Psalm.

It’s so familiar. We all know it. From the most seasoned, sanctified saint to the most backslidden sinner, we know it.

Herein lies the danger. Because we think we know it we are tempted to ignore it, to move on to other passages or perhaps even close the Bible. In doing so we miss the richness of the passage and its power to connect us with the one who saves us. Question: Who is your shepherd?