“Two Days Longer”

On April 2, Pastor Katy preaches on John 11:1-6.

Throughout the season of Lent we have been focusing on encountering the living Christ both in Scripture and in our lives today. It’s easy to spend the entire season jumping straight to the cross and Jesus’ resurrection as the only things that matter, but Jesus doesn’t just transform our lives by dying for us. A large part of Jesus’ work as savior takes place because Jesus also lives for us and encounters us every day. Jesus’ encounter with a man named Lazarus reminds us of how hard it can be to wait on God’s timing sometimes. When time is crucial and we find ourselves calling out to the living Christ to show up, but Jesus doesn’t seem to be in the same kind of rush, our encounter with Christ (and perhaps even our faith) might be strained. But Jesus does show up in the story of Lazarus. He weeps with Lazarus’ family and grieves the loss of His friend, and then in true Jesus fashion He calls Lazarus to come out of the tomb and encounter life yet again.