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Jesus told lots of stories, and if you think about it, regardless of the different kinds of literature contained within, our Bible is a long story about the activities of God. Like most faith stories it follows a familiar pattern. First there is the realization that something is amiss. Then dawns the deeper realization that this “something” is a real problem. Before despair completely takes over, along comes the realization that there is hope. Finally, this hope gives way to joy when God appears on the scene. Some have described this pattern as “the Oops, the Ugh, the Aha, and the Whee!”  

Let me spell one of these stories out. Oops! A pharaoh has arisen that does not know Joseph. Ugh! We are now enslaved making bricks out of mud and straw. Aha! God has sent Moses to free us! Whee! We just crossed the Red Sea on dry land!

I’m sure that your life is filled with plenty of oops, ugh, aha, and whee! You have stories to tell of how you’ve encountered God; how Christ has shown up when you needed him the most. I’d like to hear them. Lots of people would.

Each Wednesday night from 6:15 until about 7:00 p.m. we will gather in the Sanctuary for prayer, praise, singing, communion, and storytelling. You should join us! Better still, you should tell your story at ReCharge because you need to tell it.

You will be the one most blessed by telling your story. And, the bonus is you will encourage others. Remember, you are the expert on how God is working in your life. You should tell your story, and we need to hear it.

If you are willing to speak at ReCharge, contact Donna Broberg or fill out the contact form to the left and she will schedule you to speak and will tell you everything else you want to know.

I realize that speaking in public is not everyone's cup of tea. To be honest, I still get nervous before the sermon each Sunday. Nevertheless, that feeling passes once I start, and I'm sure the same will happen to you. As you share your story, you'll look out at the kind and supportive faces in the audience and realize you're in the palm of God's hand.

So, I know you've got a story to tell. Will you tell it? Oh, I hope you will. We need to hear how God has worked in your life!

Pastor Jim

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