In February 2019 the General Conference of the UMC passed measures that upheld and strengthened anti-gay language in the Book of Discipline (the UMC’s rule book) and instituted mandatory punishments for clergy who do not comply. The changes will go into effect on January 1, 2020.

These upcoming changes have created a challenge for Methodist churches that embrace Methodism but disagree with the global UMC's position on homosexuality and full LGBTQ inclusion and view it as discriminatory (full inclusion refers to allowing people who identify as LGBTQ to be married in a United Methodist church and/or to be ordained).

In order to help the Oak Hill UMC Church Council determine how to move forward on a local level, we need to understand where Oak Hill UMC stands on the issue of full LGBTQ inclusion. To that end, the Staff-Parish-Relations Committee (SPRC) was tasked with designing and conducting a church-wide survey.


The survey is now closed, and we are ready to share the results. We received a total of 414 responses (a 41% response rate). You can view the results by clicking on the picture on the left.  

We want to thank everyone who took the time to provide thoughtful, respectful, and honest feedback to this survey. We believe the results provide valuable insight into the feelings of our congregation. 



We understand that a lot of us are eager to receive the survey about Oak Hill UMC's position on the issue of full LGBTQ inclusion. We are happy to announce the survey will go out on January 13th. The survey team took great care in drafting the questions, soliciting feedback from varied stakeholders and making revisions based on their feedback. The team further developed a plan to distribute the survey in a way that would ensure the integrity of the data collection process (i.e. avoiding multiple submissions) and to preserve the confidentiality of the responses all while keeping costs to a minimum and keeping the survey accessible to people who don't feel comfortable filling out an online survey (we decided to also provide a paper version of the survey). This was a large undertaking and we are proud of the final product.  We hope it provides insight into the feelings of our congregation.  We know you join us in wanting a useful and thoughtful end result.  We wish to thank the survey team for their commitment to this project and ask for everyone’s continued prayer for thoughtful, respectful, and honest feedback.  Our collective prayers are with our congregation and the United Methodist Church as a whole as we travel this journey together.

Since no one likes waiting, we thought we'd give you a preview of the survey that will go out on January 13th!