“Don’t Trade Your Birthright”

On July 16, Pastor Jim preaches on Genesis 25:21-34.

Siblings are often less than kind to one another. I’m ashamed to say that in my lifetime I’ve broken three collarbones, none of which belonged to me, and two of which belonged to my brother, Bill. As far as the other collarbone is concerned, I’d rather not comment.

When I was 6 and Bill was 4, the “anointed one,” aka “Kimberly,” was born. Sigh… To borrow from the old song: “On the day that she was born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true. So they sprinkled moonlight in her hair of gold and starlight in her eyes of blue.”

Bill and I were not always kind to our baby sister. I remember when Kim was in junior high she sported a large, blonde Farrah Fawcett lion’s mane on her head. We told her, “Evel Knievel called. He wants to jump your hair!” Not nice. (If you lived through the ’70s, you’ll get the joke.)

It’s nothing new. Remember the story of the first siblings in Genesis 4? What a tragic start to the human family. This Sunday we’ll think together about the two brothers whom some have called “Hairy” and “Grabby.” If you read on in the story, you’ll see how God used these imperfect people to create the Hebrew people, a nation from which our savior would eventually come. We’ll consider what can be done once we’ve sold our birthrights.