“Dressed for Success”

We live in interesting times.

  • A global pandemic has closed schools and businesses, upended economies, and inflicted great suffering.
  • Racial injustice has led to mass protests. In some parts of our nation riots have erupted. Law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens feel under attack.
  • An election season awaits where candidates are likely to hurl insults at both their opponents and those who support their opponents.

How are we supposed to live during these times? What guidance does the Christian faith offer to help us live faithfully during these interesting, challenging times?

In his letter to the Church in Colossae, Paul reminds us how to live “as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved.” Paul’s guidance resonates with me. I think he shows us a way to live faithfully during this season of life.

I invite you to join us for online worship on Sunday. I pray that it offers a time to open our lives to the Living God and to remember how Christ teaches us and strengthens us to live.

  • Read Colossians 3:1-17 before Sunday. Reflect on how God calls us to live.
  • Celebrate how God is at work through the people and ministries of Oak Hill United Methodist Church.
  • Listen as Gillian and Matt teach us a song about how God makes “Beautiful Things” out of the world and our lives.
  • Gather with one another to greet and care for one another.

During these interesting times, give room for God to strengthen us to live faithfully as God’s people – holy and beloved.