“How Can We Live Together When We Don’t Agree” Pastor Stephen 02-14-21


This week I will conclude the sermon series, “I’ve been wondering…” Over the last several weeks I have reflected on questions you asked: Why does a Loving God allow good people to suffer? Does God have a plan for my life? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?

The last question I’ll tackle is, “How can we live together when we don’t agree?”

It’s a relevant question. We might ask it about our families, schools, places of work, or even a church. I think it’s particularly relevant for us as a nation.

When I planned this sermon in November, I did not anticipate we would be in the midst of an Impeachment trial related to the storming of our nation’s capital. No matter where you stand on the Impeachment, you probably recognize divisions in our nation almost every issue: climate change, tax policy, election security, even whether to receive a vaccine. How can we live together when we don’t agree?

Divisions are not new. In Jesus’ day, there was incredible animosity between Jews and Samaritans. At one time in history, Samaritans and Jews had belonged to a United Kingdom of Israel. Yet civil war, immigration, and subtle religious differences had divided the two peoples.  (Google the history of Samaritans and Jews.)

How can we live together when we don’t agree?

In the familiar scripture we will read this week (Luke 10: 25-37), Jesus gives guidance that, I believe, our nation and the world desperately needs today.

Read that story in light of divisions in the world today. Then join us for worship. We’ll have beautiful music, rich prayer, and I’ll lead us to reflect on how Jesus calls us to live together…even when we don’t agree.