“Jonah and the Big Fish”

On August 11, Pastor Jim preaches on the story of Jonah and the Big Fish found in the Book of Jonah.

It’s been called a “Whale of a Tale,” a myth, and a legend. Can we take this story seriously? What does this have to say to our modern situation?

Well, actually the story has something to say regarding a number of things that touch our lives every day:  Resentment, Tribalism, Stubbornness, Hatred, and Grace. It’s about our tendency to claim allegiance to God while harboring animosity toward other human beings.

It’s the story of a God who calls, a God who can call an old sourpuss of a prophet, a fish, and eventually a worm. Could it be that God might call us? Could it be that God wants to use even us for the sake of others?