“Living A New Normal” Pastor Laura – 04-25-21 – Part III of the Sermon Series “Easter People in a Good Friday World”

This Sunday’s scripture occurs soon after the Easter resurrection of Jesus. The disciples have left the fear-ridden walls where they hid from the possibility of Roman capture and punishment. They’ve since scattered, to deal with the realities of life without Jesus. But the disciple Peter soon discovers that Jesus isn’t finished with them yet.

The phrase “a new normal” is quickly becoming a worn cliché. But it does describe what the disciples wrestled with.  And it does describe what we wrestle with in these days, as we emerge like butterflies from our pandemic cocoon into whatever this in-between “thing” is called. Life is different. We are different. And it’s hard to remember how “normal” inhabited our lives over a year ago.

Join us online or in-person as we consider what “living a new normal” might be. See you on Sunday!


Pastor Laura