Oak Hill United Methodist Church “Living Fully: Generosity” Pastor Stephen 03-14-21

During Lent (the 40-day season leading to Easter), Pastor Laura and I are reflecting on Spiritual Tools (Spiritual Practices) that God has given us to help us live more fully and freely during challenging times. Each Sunday, we will give guidance on how to use a different tool/practice.

So far, we have reflected upon the Spiritual Tools of Prayer and Sabbath. This week we will look at the Spiritual Practice/Tool of Generosity.

Some may read that and lament, “Uh oh, the preacher is going to talk about money.” Yes, generosity includes money. Yet it goes so much deeper.

The Spiritual Practice of Generosity has its roots in the nature of God. We worship a God who is generous (John 3:16). Since God created us in the image of God (Genesis 1: 27), God designed us to live as generous people.

When we Practice Generosity, we practice living more fully as the people God designed us to be. And according to Jesus, it will change our hearts (read Matthew 6:19-21).