“Passionate Worship”

On September 24, Pastor Jim preaches on Luke 10:25-28.

The late Bill Hinson, pastor of First UMC in Houston, once told a story of meeting with an air-conditioning man in the sanctuary of his church. The man was calculating, with paper and pencil, how many tons of air conditioning would be needed to cool the space.

Suddenly the A/C man tore up the piece of paper. “What’s the matter?” Rev. Hinson asked.  The man said, “I was using the wrong calculation, one for a movie theater. In a theater people get emotional and excited, and that generates a lot of heat. You need lots of A/C in a theater. I forgot that this is a church. You won’t need nearly so much.”

This Sunday we’ll be thinking about passionate worship, which is one of the practices of fruitful congregations. We United Methodists are not known for getting overly excited. To borrow an old line, for the average Methodist ecstasy is a raised eyebrow.”

Would you describe your worship experience as “passionate?” Is there a difference between going to church and worship? What does it mean to worship?