“Risk-Taking Mission and Service”

On October 8, Pastor Katy preaches on Matthew 5:13.

A conversation about “Risk-Taking” is not one that many of us are wanting to have following the events of this past week in Las Vegas. It seems that after such a tragedy, our desire is to hunker down and create a space around us that is as safe as possible. To remove all risk. There are different kinds of risk, some of which are fully unavoidable if we’re to carry out our daily lives; others are unnecessary but taken for the feeling of adrenaline, peer pressure or some other motivating factor. And yet one more type of risk exists, and that’s when the passion and love driving the potential risk far outweighs the risk itself. It is this final kind of risk that we talk about when we talk about risk-taking mission and service. Do we love God’s people more than we love our own way of doing things? Being the salt of the earth should come with caution tape and a warning for the risk-averse. Is our love big enough to make the risk worth it?